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The AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council) International team has only gone a bit modern and set up a blog.  We have been doing a lot of information gathering, talking and listening to people over the last few months and there has been lots of interest in better promotion of international funding opportunities and the need to highlight other opportunities beyond the AHRC.

In response we have set up this blog in an attempt to help deliver this; we chose this mechanism as we hope the use of tags will create a useful resource for new users over time as well as giving the functionality of emails direct to you. The aim is not only to profile our own opportunities but to bring a specific “Arts and Humanities research” focus to other opportunities. Bloggers will be the AHRC International team, with the possibility of some guest stars. Although maintained by AHRC, posts won’t necessarily be the views of AHRC as an organisation, it has been set up as a ‘step away’ as want to cover a broader remit and venture an opinion once in a while, although we intend to operate like a friendly cousin rather than an errant child!

 We hope that this will be useful to UK Arts and Humanities Researchers and Research offices alike, we would love to hear your ideas and feedback to make it as useful as possible as it is a new venture both personally and professionally for all of us.

Please sign up – pass it on – and we will get posting shortly!

Naomi, Lucy and Pippa


2 thoughts on “*newsflash*

  1. Please can I sign up for updates

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