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The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) has issued calls for two ‘programs’ (short- and long-term) under its ‘Invitation Fellowship Programs’ scheme.

Funded by a subsidy from the Japanese government, these fellowships enable international cooperation and mutual understanding through scientific research. Put simply, they enable researchers in Japan to invite fellow researchers from other countries to participate in ‘cooperative activities’ such as exchanging information, giving lectures, undertaking research.  So you will need a Japanese researcher to agree to be your ‘host’. 

The guidance makes it clear that all fields of humanities are included under these ‘programs’. Costs typically covered include round-trip airfare and domestic travel, per diem/monthly subsistence allowance and, in the case of the long-term fellowship, a contribution towards research expenses.

For FY 2013 (2013/14) there are short- and long-term opportunities. The period when an application can be submitted is only very short (5 days!) so be sure to plan early to avoid missing out.

Application deadline (for host institution)*:

Long Term:     3 – 7 September 2012  

Short Term:   3 – 7 September 2012 (first round of recruitment)
                       2 – 10 May 2013 (second round of recruitment)

*Be aware that the above deadlines are for the host institutions (who submit the applications) – i.e. you will need to liaise with the host to get relevant information to them well in advance of these dates. 

Further details on how to apply are available here: (refer to the links for ‘FY2013 Short Term’ or ‘FY2013 Long Term’ from the left hand menu for current application material).


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