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ESF Competition for Masters Students

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The EuroCORECODE programme funded by several European Countries and run by the ESF (European Science Foundation but they cover all research disciplines) is running a thesis competition for Masters Students based at European Institutions.

The competition is very broadly defined as relating to ‘regional cohesion’ and the examples given span the Arts and Humanities as well as Social Sciences – for example one theme identified is :

  • Discourses of identity and power.  The different tools and instruments used to exercise authority and to create attachment to their ‘region’: ideology (history, myth, ancestors), symbols (heraldry, architecture, images of the ruler, symbolic discourse), rituals (entrees, venerations of patron saints), the invention of tradition both in historical and in modern times etc.

Deadline for submission is 14 December 2012. 3 Finalists will be invited to a conference in August to present their thesis (expenses paid) and the overall winner will receive a prize of €1,000.

Full details on the ESF website


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