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*New* opportunity for US-UK collaborations

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There is an exciting new opportunity for UK/USA research collaboration on the theme of ‘Bridging Cultures: Using humanities scholarship to study Health and Well being.’ This is linked to the AHRC Science in Culture Theme .

The result of a collaboration between The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and AHRC, the call aims to advance research that focuses on the humanities and health and well-being. Applications are invited for support of collaborative research projects that use humanities disciplines to better understand health, well-being, disability, medical science and technology, or other aspects of the health sciences. As this list suggests, the call is wide in scope but projects might investigate, for example, literary narratives of healing, the role of culture or cultural difference in health and medicine, or comparative cultural perspectives on disability.

Applications must involve a scholar from both the UK and USA and be submitted to the NEH Collaborative Research Program . The deadline for applications is 6th December 2012.  All successful applications will be jointly funded by both NEH and AHRC. Further information is available here.


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