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Research Grant Funding Opportunity with Brazil

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In this post Sam Lambshead, the AHRC Portfolio Manager responsible for Research Grants, profiles the existing AHRC opportunity to apply for research grant funding with researchers from the Sao Paulo region of Brazil.

“I am pleased to say that on 26 September 2012, RCUK renewed the Memorandum of Understanding with the São Paulo Research Foundation (Fundação de Amparo à Pesquisa do Estado de São Paulo or more simply, FAPESP).  RCUK signed the original agreement back in 2009,  and AHRC have had research grant funding available since 2010.

Under the agreement, international teams headed by at least one Brazilian (São Paulo Based) and one UK researcher can apply for up to £2m of funding for collaborative research projects, with £1m of funding coming each from AHRC & FAPESP for the UK and Brazilian components of the project respectively.  This is a responsive mode scheme and operates to open deadlines.

FAPESP was founded in 1962 and is a publically funded foundation, providing research grants and funding for education within the state of São Paulo, Brazil and applications to the AHRC/FAPESP scheme can fall anywhere within AHRC remit. While the remit of FAPESP is not limited to any particular subject areas, it is only able to fund researchers within the São Paulo Area.

There has been a very limited response from the AHRC community to this scheme with only two applications received to date, one being unsuccessful and the other currently being processed. It’s difficult to know why this is – perhaps down to language differences, lack of awareness about the scheme or more cynically, perhaps A&H researchers need a deadline to pull an application together! However, I imagine it’s simply down to the lack of awareness and I hope the publicity provided by the renewal of this agreement changes that.

The application and peer review process is very similar to the ‘regular’ grants submitted via Je-S with the exception that we would use one review from a FAPESP nominated reviewer and any final outcome would have to be approved by our colleagues in FAPESP. More details are available on the AHRC website.”

If you are looking for something smaller scale – FAPESP has a visiting researcher programme and  remember that the AHRC Research Networking Scheme has extra funding available for International collaboration.


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