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Our international co-investigator policy went live this week.  Lots of you seem to be aware, as we’ve already had calls and interest as a result of a recent research fortnight piece.   In simple terms the policy means anyone with collaborators from outside the UK can now include their costs on proposals to the AHRC. 

Obviously we have to put limits on this – costs for non-UK elements can’t come to more than 30% of the whole grant, for example.  We also insist that the UK end of the partnership, as the ‘lead’ university, ensures the collaborators are from a bona fide research organisation.  But we hope you’ll agree it’s a pretty exciting development.  Currently it applies to our grants and networking schemes.

The policy has been developed in response to feedback from the community.  In a survey of our researchers in 2011, almost 150 countries were mentioned when people were asked about location of current or ‘hoped for’ partnerships.  This reflects the very broad range of interests and strengths of the UK arts and humanities research.  So the new policy is partly to enable collaborations to blossom wherever they may be.

It’s a pilot to begin with, so we can measure the costs and how well it works.



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