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Daiwa Foundation seeks to build UK-Japan links

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Daiwa Foundation Awards of up to £7000 – £15,000 are available for collaborative projects that enable British and Japanese Partners to work together, preferably in the context of an institutional relationship.

These awards seek to encourage the development and sustainability of UK-Japan Partnerships between such organisations as museums and art galleries, theatres and performing arts groups, schools and universities. The Daiwa Foundation Awards can cover projects in academic, professional, arts, cultural and educational fields so long as it involved a significant level of collaboration between British and Japanese partners.

The awarding funds are restricted for use and cannot be used for certain means such as capital expenditure. A full list of eligibility criteria and restrictions are available on the awards website.

There are two application deadlines a year, which are on the 31st of March (reaching a decision by 31st May) and the 30th September (reaching a decision by 30 November). However, applicants are encouraged to submit all applications as early as possible and are available to provide advice on possible applications at

For more information visit the awards site: Daiwa Foundation Awards.

All applicants will be notified by letter from the Foundation and the decisions cannot be appealed or discussed.


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