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The European Science Foundation (ESF) has opened its 2013 Exploratory Workshops call. This is for small awards of up to EUR 15,000 allowing researchers across all domains to set up small meetings of between 15-30 participants. As usual in Europe, the language used is quite scientific, but the call does specify that humanities proposals are sought so don’t be put off!

The proposed workshops should be output-oriented and aim to open up new directions in research or to explore emerging research fields with the potential to make an impact and lead to new developments. Proposals will need to demonstrate the potential for follow-up actions, to create breakthroughs and to form the basis of new research and applications.

These awards are a great opportunity to explore new ideas with colleagues from across Europe and to create networks and connections that may form the basis of future research collaborations and funding bids. In the last call, 27 out of 129 proposals submitted were funded, giving a pretty high success rate of 21%. UKRO International has experience of submitting one of these workshop proposals in a previous role, and it is a relatively light-touch procedure involving a proposal of around ten pages.

You’ll need to show wide participation from across Europe, with participants from at least four ESF Member Countries and no more than 25% of participants from the country of the organiser. Awards are for workshops to be held in 2014 (between 1 February – 31 December), and the deadline for proposals is 18 April 2013 at 4pm CET (3pm UK time!)

Full details are available at: Good luck!


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