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Image With Social Sciences and Humanities becoming embedded across all aspects of Horizon 2020, a critical factor in success is not just getting the interdisciplinary proposals submitted, but also ensuring they have appropriate review.

The European Commission mainly pick reviewers from their database, and anyone can register to become an expert and therefore potentially selected to review.  The European Commission are keen for more Social Science and Humanities researchers to register particularly those with interdisciplinary experience.

We think it’s really important that Arts and Humanities researchers are represented on this database as it increases the likelihood of appropriate review.  We understand that if you were an expert under Framework 7 you aren’t automatically considered for Horizon 2020 and need to amend your record so you are able to be selected.

You can register to become an expert here.

Do ensure the breadth of your research is represented to increase likelihood of selection. It would also be helpful if you could let me know if you are registered/when you register as the AHRC are also asked for suggestions of registered experts but there is no way to view who is on the system! Please either use the blog contact us form, or email l.parnall’at’ (Lucy Parnall)


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