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AHRC Website update

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The AHRC is updating its website; the site will retain many of its existing features and content but updating the design and taking advantage of new features of a new Content Management system.
We are taking this opportunity to enhance some aspects of our website. On 4 August, you will see the following changes:

  • The website will have a mobile- friendly design; the size and format of the website will alter depending on the device you are using, making it easier to read and easier to navigate when you are on the move or at your desktop.
  • If you are on the move or have a slow connection the site will be easier to load
  • We have simplified the site structure to make it easier to navigate
  • Documents have been made more accessible for all our visitors
  • The search function has also been improved

Once the site is live you will notice that previous bookmarks will no longer work and RSS feeds currently in use will be changed.

You may notice some problems gaining access to the site for a few hours on 4 August from late afternoon to early evening. We will work hard to reduce the time that the site is inaccessible.

We do not anticipate any on-going issues however the communications team will be on hand via twitter @ahrcpress and  if you require any assistance. We will be doing a user survey in the spring next year once you are more familiar with the site to see where we may need to make any improvements.


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