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PaCCS Transnational Organised Crime Call

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As part of the Research Council UK (RCUK) Partnership for Conflict, Crime and Security Research (PaCCS), the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) wish to commission cross-disciplinary and innovative research projects that will extend our understanding of how transnational organised crime has evolved through time and in different cultural contexts, why and how it extends across borders, what impact it has on populations and sustainable international development, and effective ways of preventing and mitigating its impact.

The ESRC are leading on this PaCCS call on behalf of RCUK and all applications will be managed by them.

These grants are intended to generate innovative, cross-disciplinary approaches and user collaboration and engagement to develop a better understanding of complex issues related to transnational organised crime and its inter-relation with other licit and illicit activities. In the context of this call the approaches may include synthetic work bringing together, comparing or re-interpreting, diverse literatures or data, capacity-building activities, exploratory and pilot studies, as well as conceptual and methodological development, from both the arts and humanities and the social sciences. Proposals involving international collaborations are also encouraged.

The call will fund research and networking activities which address transnational organised crime from a range of cross-disciplinary approaches and research perspectives. Applications are therefore invited for innovative cross-disciplinary collaborative research projects which cross the remits of the AHRC and ESRC. All proposals are required to integrate inputs, insights and expertise from the social sciences and the arts and humanities. Where appropriate, proposals may also involve collaboration with engineers and physical scientists.

Applications are invited for grants of up to £100,000 (100 per cent fEC (full economic costs)) of which the funders will fund 80 per cent and the balance must be guaranteed by the research organisation. Projects can be up to 18 months in duration.

The deadline for proposals is 16.00 on 30 March 2016. No application received after this time will be considered for funding.

Grants may commence from 1 August 2016

For further information contact ESRC 


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