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Funding Opportunities in Horizon 2020’s Societal Challenges for Indian Participation

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Horizon 2020


This brief note highlights opportunities for cross-disciplinary research with Indian researchers, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), research institutions and universities under Horizon 2020 created by a recently agreed co-funding mechanism between the European Commission and the Government of India’s Department of Bio-Technology (DBT), by which DBT (subject to a positive evaluation) could fund Indian researchers collaborating in projects selected for funding under specific calls around biotechnology.

Within the calls agreed are some ‘flagged’ by the European Commission as challenges that require the inclusion of social science and humanities (SSH) research. The following lists the topics upcoming under the 2016/17 Work Programmes for Horizon 2020 which have been identified by DBT as priority areas for collaboration:


‘SSH-flagged’ topics available for Indian participation


Opening Date Closing Date
1st Stage 2nd Stage
BIOTEC-07-2017: New plant breeding techniques (NPBT) in molecular farming: multipurpose crops for industrial bioproducts* 11/05/16 27/10/16 04/05/17
SC1-PM-07-2017: Promoting mental health and wellbeing in the young 29/07/16 04/10/16 11/04/17
SC1-PM-08-2017: New therapies for rare diseases* 29/07/16 04/10/16 11/04/17
SC1-PM-10-2017: Comparing the effectiveness of existing healthcare interventions in the adult population 29/07/16 04/10/16 11/04/17
LCE-06-2017: New knowledge and technologies 20/09/16 n/a 05/01/17
SFS-34-2017: Innovative agri-food chains:  unlocking the potential for competitiveness and sustainability 04/10/16 14/02/17 13/09/17
SFS-35-2017: Innovative solutions for sustainable food packaging 04/10/16 n/a 14/02/17
BG-08-2017: Innovative solutions for improving the safety and dietary properties of seafood 04/10/16 n/a 14/02/17
SC1-PM-17-2017: Personalised computer models  and in-silico systems for wellbeing 08/11/16 n/a 14/03/17

Further Information about Indian participation in Horizon 2020

European Commission India Country Page:


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