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Film: China: Cultural Encounters

To coincide with the GREAT Festival of Creativity, the latest film from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) looks at how the AHRC is leading the way in the bringing together of UK/Chinese academic partners in the arts, humanities, and creative industries.

The GREAT Festival of Creativity (2 to 4 March 2015, Shanghai) supports British businesses looking to secure opportunities and growth in China. More than 500 world-leading British companies will showcase the best of British creativity and the role it plays today’s world.

The Festival will be attended by business and thought leaders including Professor Rick Rylance, CEO of the AHRC. In this short film we hear from Professor Rylance about several projects, funded by the AHRC, involving partnerships with Chinese Universities and cultural institutions: from the ‘Ming: 50 Years That Changed China’ exhibition at the British Museum, to the ArtsCross project which brings together academics and artists from UK, China and Taiwan, to cross cultural, national and artistic borders.

The film also looks at the economic boom being experienced in the creative industries and how China is looking to the UK for models on how to understand and harness the value in practice based research in the arts and humanities.

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A Flurry of AHRC International Opportunities

International Placement Scheme (IPS)

The IPS call is open – as well as continuing with opportunities to visit some fantastic organisations in the USA and Japan, this year we have an exciting new host – the Shanghai Theatre Academy. The IPS scheme enables doctoral students, doctoral level researchers and Early Career Researchers to undertake a fellowship of 2-6 months. More information is available on the AHRC website and the deadline is 15th January 2015.

If you want to know what being a IPS fellow is like, we have several blog posts from previous award holders about their experiences, just click on the International Placement Scheme Tag to read more . We are always open to new suggestions of hosts, if you have a suggestion of somewhere that should be a part of this scheme, please do comment. One our current hosts, Harry Ransom center was previously suggested via a comment so it can work!

Cultural Heritage and Rapid Urbanisation Workshop in India

The AHRC, Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) and the British Library are organising a workshop on ‘Cultural Heritage and Rapid Urbanisation in India’. Funding is available for 20 UK based researchers to attend. Expression of Interest must be submitted by 4pm 30th January 2015. For more information please see the AHRC website.

International Co-Investigator continues

The AHRC pilot for International Co-investigator (Co-I) has been extended until 31st December 2016. We are very pleased with how this is progressing and have extended this to allow us to fully review all aspects of international Co-I on a grant through both application and award. International Co-Investigators are eligible on research grants, research networking and follow on fund applications (other schemes may also allow this but this is decided on a case by case basis so please consult call guidance).


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British Academy International Partnership and Mobility scheme

The British Academy has recently announced a new round of its popular ‘International Partnership and Mobility’ Scheme.  The scheme aims to support development of partnerships where research excellence would be strengthened by new, innovative initiatives and links.  The idea is that long term and ‘vigorous’ links will be forged through the scheme.  Its good to note that they highlight that ‘all partners’ should gain from the collaboration, suggesting perhaps that one sided bids won’t be looked on favourably.  This year, the scheme will support development of partnerships between the UK and a range of regions, including Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East, South Asia, East and South East Asia.  Up to £10,000 per year is available per application. 

 Note that co-funding is available in China and Taiwan through funding organisations in those countries, if your research ideas and links happen to be relevant to those countries.  Although the funder in China (the Chinese Academy of Social Science) understandably sounds like it funds only social science, many of their institutes in fact cover disciplines that might be considered to be humanities.

 The deadline is 6th February 2013  and our understanding is that competition is usually fierce –  40 awards are to be offered in total.