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Want to network an archive or other research infrastructure?

The European Commission wants to know what areas need funding in the future to help network and open up access to national infrastructures from lasers to archives.

The Commission has just launched an open consultation to identify new infrastructure topics that require ‘integrating funding’ to help prepare for Horizon 2020. The results will inform future European Commission funding and it is a really good opportunity to suggest arts and humanities areas as previously this process hasn’t been as open, but Social Sciences and Humanities is a defined area and there is a genuinely broad definition of infrastructure.

The consultation webpage has a short useful background document to describe the type of support that could potentially be funded. A humanities example that has been funded is a project on European Holocaust Archives

Any activity needs to be for the benefit of researchers and we have been advised that whilst the Commission have said they are willing to accept input from a single individual/facility. Far more weight is likely to be given to proposals that indicate the current level of interest of other partners eg “confirmed interest”, “has confirmed they would participate” etc.

So, if linking up all the archives on “x” in Europe would transform your research discipline – we recommend submitting your case to the consultation.

Deadline for responses is 22 October 2012