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International Perspectives: AHRC News and Features

A round up of recent AHRC news and features which cover arts and humanities research which is going beyond borders.

Living in a multilingual world

home-listing--multilingualA recent AHRC-funded project seeks to equip the next generation of linguistics researchers with the skills to successfully engage with communities in which at least four different languages are used daily. We live in an increasingly multilingual world, where two out of three children grow up in an environment where more than one language is spoken. And in the UK the linguistic landscape is becoming ever more diverse – in London almost half the primary school population speaks a language other than English at home.

Researchers involved in the ‘Skills Development for Language Research and Teaching in a Multilingual World’ project, which was funded in 2012 and 2013, benefited from training activities and placements both in the UK and abroad. Find out more in a recent AHRC feature (opens in new window).

British Asian culture festival flies over to India and Bangkok

home-listing-southall-storyA festival of British Asian culture is being taken to New Delhi and Bangkok, to celebrate the contribution and innovation of South Asians to the culture and life of Britain since the 1950’s. This includes an exhibition entitled ‘The Southall Story’; a film festival showcasing films that have never been seen in India and will for the first time show a very different view of the scattered Asian population to that of the homeland; a music concert ‘Postcards From Home’ and workshops.

The Festival is curated by the three founding members of the Southall Story organisation: musician and producer Kuljit Bhamra, film-maker and writer Shakila Taranum Maan, and photographer Ammy Phull, in collaboration with Dr Jerri Daboo from the University of Exeter, UK. The Festival is sponsored by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK; the Asian Arts Agency, UK; the British Council in India; and the University of Exeter, UK. Find out more about this AHRC news (opens in new window).

Reading Chinahome-listing-china

A recent session at the Cheltenham Festival of Literature saw an author, a poet and a researcher explore the question of ‘translating China’. Dr Anne Witchard’s AHRC-funded research project China in Britain: Myths and Realities looks at how China is being ‘translated,’ examining the role that stereotypes have played in shaping perceptions of China and Chinese people in the West, and how they continue to do so. Dr Witchard was joined by the poet Yang Lian, and Xinran, an author whose work recounts the lives of Chinese women. Find out more about this event in a recent AHRC feature (opens in new window).

Windows on War
home-listing-windows-on-warA recent AHRC image gallery highlighted a digitization and research project on WWII Russian propaganda. Using stunning colours and skills, the artwork of the WWII ‘Windows’ covers a range of styles: for example, cartoon, landscape, portraiture and military scenes. They provide extraordinary examples of art and propaganda coming together. The war situation explains some of the propaganda, but the aesthetic and political impacts of this combination remain an open question. Find out more and view these images in the AHRC Image Gallery (opens in new window)